27 augustus 2017

Reisblog | Week 10 Londen

9 weeks of beautiful beautiful London! And 1 week just outside of it. Damn what an amazing time I’ve had! I met so many wonderful people, saw  incredible shows and lived amazing moments!

This last week I was interning at yet another organisation (Ariël company theatre). Here I got to watch a really talented cast work very hard rehearsing a musical concert in one week. The chosen material was very cool since the material was a bit more edgy and not so mainstream. It was very hard not to sing along.

But the be honest, in every trip or holiday the last few days you're already busy going home. Or at least I am. For me it was extra strange since I left London for this last week. And I already missed it ever since I went on the train. So my mind was partially still there and another piece of me was already home. So that was quite a strange sensation.

Luckily the other nine weeks I got to be very very "in the moment" since that was one of the things I really wanted to try since I sometimes struggle with that. And I think I can proudly say that I succeeded! I learned a lot as an actor, as a theatre maker and as a person. This whole experience got me thinking about me and my future. So who know what will be next! I do got a feeling that I'm not done with London yet. So who knows. Maybe I'll be back one day…

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