20 augustus 2017

Reisblog | Week 8 & 9 in Londen

These two weeks I've been hanging around in again a completely different environment! (I love how diverse my internship is! It’s certainly never boring and I get to meet so many new people! Love it!). Until now I was mostly a student in all the lovely courses I took. This time I’m back to being the more authority figure! Back to the directing (Well assisting directing of course! Intern over here!). But being an intern doesn’t mean you don’t learn. No sir, no! It’s so useful to see how other people “do it.”

To be a bit more specific: these two weeks I have been interning at a lovely company called “Theatre Tribe Academy.” TT provides a week long course to kids from 8 to 14 years old. In just one week they rehearse a production inspired on a West End show. And of course on the last day show it to their family. It’s very interesting to see how they figured out a way to adapt the stories to more of an ensemble script. So there are no main parts and every kid has enough to do. Aside from that it was very interesting to see where the focus is during rehearsals (since you only got one week to get it right). You have to work very quick and be selective which details to work on and which details you’ll just have to let go.

(I just realized I’m writing this in English instead of Dutch!!! That wasn’t my intention actually, I didn’t even realise! Fun…)

Anyway… What was I talking about… Oh yea!

These two weeks were a lot of fun. I loved to sing along all week and enjoy all that energy of those enthusiastic kids. And we also worked quite hard! Doing a full warm-up every day! (yup squads, press-ups the whole shebang!) We were expecting the kids to work as professionals. So whilst we were working there was no room for messing about. I loved to be a bit more strict then I would usually be. But at the same time being positive and praising everybody at the end of the week. I’m beginning to feel a bit more secure as an authority figure which is nice to notice. I guess it is all about getting more and more experience. 

Angels in America

I just can’t seem to stay away from the theatre! I know it’s horrible for my bank account… but but but! I just had to see Angels in America from the National theatre! I mean Nathan Lane is in it! How coowl is that! Unfortunately all the shows where sold out, buuuut there were several screenings in the cinema’s! Perfect! So I went to see almost eight (!!!) hours of theatre! First part one and then a week later part two… And omg! Literally best play I’ve ever seen! Yes it’s very long, but I simple wished it was longer!
For the none theatre folk who read this, Angels in America is this epic piece of theatre about homosexuality and aids. It starts in a quite domestic setting around a set of interesting characters. But after a while things start to become more surreal when people get sick, starting to hallucinate and seeing angels.

I got so drawn into this weird world full of hallucinations and love and death and loneliness and sexuality, I just didn’t want it to end. It’s weird cause I saw Angels last year in Holland. It was way shorter (only 4 hours), but it felt actually as a completely different show! The dutch version was a bit more intimate and I guess a bit less over the top. But in a way also a bit more abstract. This version of the National was so much more epic and grotesque in staging and acting. And I just loved that! (I think this story needs that!)  In a way the characters and the story in this version felt way more real. I was way more engaged and sucked into the story. And I really have to mention Andrew Garfield. At first I had to get used to the way he played. He made some big and bold choices. But after a while I couldn’t do anything else then admire him. He really stole the show in my opinion.

Not sure if or when there will be another screening in the cinema’s, but if you have the chance to see it… DO IT! 

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